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Some things never really go out of style, although it seems they’re remarketed for a younger crowd.

Take Brian O’Brian, the wacky short films on the Disney Channel about the misadventures of an everyman trying to make it through the day … just like Mr. Bean …

kinda like Jerry Lewis …

possibly like Ernie Kovacs …

just like Charlie Chaplin …

just like Harold Lloyd.

Only, in the 21st century, this type of slapstick is reserved for kids. “Adults” who have grown up with these character types have seen them too many times to really like it.

His day job ...

His day job ...

Except I kinda do. I’m probably not alone. Instead of marketing it to just kids, I view these 5 minute shorts kind of like a nod to the adults watching. Most children don’t have the context to enjoy the character’s homage to a rich comedic past. Most kids probably see these things as the gig the janitor from The Suite Life does in his spare time.

So it’s a good thing I’m forced to watch a lot of children’s television now.

Here’s to you Brian O’Brian … a motivation to balding, slapstick-loving guys everywhere … and the children they’re raising.

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