Republicans: Look on the bright side.

South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford’s missing act and admission to an extramarital affair sure does make some good tabloid fodder.

The bad news: This is the latest black eye for the down-and-out Republican party.

The good news: No one likes Republicans now anyway … so, if you’re gonna get bad news, now’s the time to get it.

So, thank you Gov. Sanford. The party could not have taken this in 2012.

Now … disappear.


3 thoughts on “Republicans: Look on the bright side.

  1. wow, you anarchist you! pretty crazy in the this day and time when politicans are either soft in the head or hard in the pants (pun intended). any one ready to think about becoming a libertarian yet?

  2. Sanford apparently picked the right time to go public. This will get lost in the current news cycle because of the death of Michael Jackson.

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