Missing Jesus video?

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Ok, the truth isn’t as exciting as the title.

I was perusing my CDs and came across this little gem from the “who’s that?” band-no-one’s-heard-about-of-the-day: Aunt Bettys. This is a PRCD single (EastWest Records PRCD 9440-2), supposedly given away for free to radio stations and the like. I picked it up used for $1.99.

The single, “Jesus” is a great, in-your-face jam, despite the fact it’s 13 years old (side-note, the song is actually older, since it’s a reworking of an earlier Michael Knott song from the album Fluid … but I digress). The whole Aunt Bettys self-titled CD pretty much kicks places where you sit. You can find the album streamed in multiple places around the Internet, in case you’re curious.

The cover art, as you can see from the video, is intriguing: it’s an illustration by a then-young Tim Okamura that imagines Jesus as a bartender. It’ll make you sit and think through your theology, because Jesus isn’t really serving the guy (who’s slumped over, by the way) … but … isn’t Jesus everywhere? Hmmm.

Anyway here’s the mystery: inside the CD, there’s the following text, “‘Jesus’ is the premiere single and video from Aunt Betty’s forthcoming debut album.”

So … where’s the video? In fact, where’s ANY video of the Aunt Bettys performing? I’m talking about the full band, not Mike Knott performing acoustic shows. I mean, if we can find a Dryve video on the Internet, why not Aunt Bettys, for Pete’s sake? Sheesh.

If anyone knows anything about this serious, serious issue, let me know.

Maybe I’ll start a “Release Jesus” campaign. I’d wear that t-shirt … wouldn’t you?


One thought on “Missing Jesus video?

  1. I’d wear that t-shirt as well. Aunt Betty’s, haven’t thought about them in years, always felt they were a kind of michael knott tribute ban, so i am wondering why they are not headlining in Vegas. i digress….good stuff as always.

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