A little Creedence, Dude

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This is the song that plays over the credits of the Russell Crowe journalism movie State of Play. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it last night and it ate at me until I found out. Ever get that way?

Anyway, the song is a perfect complement for people who love a lazy summer day.

And you know who loves a lazy summer day?

I'm talking about the Dude.

I'm talking about the Dude.

This guy, “quite possibly the laziest in Los Angeles County …which would place him high in the runnin’ for laziest worldwide.”

Sometimes, there’s a man.


3 thoughts on “A little Creedence, Dude

  1. Creedence, remember the reference in Live Free or Die Harder. “its old rock, doesn’t make it classic” love ‘the dude’ reference, let’s face it, we’re all glad he’s here

  2. I love CCR, but heard a story that I think of everytime I hear one of their songs. They always remind me of my childhood. When I think of my childhood its always summer for some reason, even when I think of christmases, which is odd since I grew up in Indiana. Anyway, I guess there was some sort of rift between singer John Fogerty and the rest of CCR. He is still bitter about it. His brother Tom was the bassist for CCR. He died of cancer a few years back. John couldn’t bury the hatchet about this rift and wasn’t on speaking terms with his brother when he died. Now, when I hear CCR its still summer, but also sadness. Sometimes I wish I was better at making a point.

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