A hint to assassins

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Finally saw the Russell Crowe pro-journalism movie State of Play tonight. Being a former journalist (name-job dropping alert), I always like the way these movies either romanticize the profession or ruin it. This one does a little of both, so I guess that’s something.

Anyway, couple things come to mind:

  • First, a seemingly random murder is linked to all this high-power, backroom maneuvering, so here’s a tip to all professional, military-trained assassins: Enough with the double-tap wounds to the chest and head. Hint: that’s how we know it ain’t random.That’s a dead (pun intended) giveaway. We’ve all seen enough television and movies to know that professionals get you twice, at close range, with special bullets and clean weapons.

    How about a sloppy one every once in a while. Like the one in Burn After Reading. Sheesh.

  • Second, let’s say you’re Russell Crowe in a really bad haircut and you cover a story that links the key members of the government, a private security firm, and billions of dollars. Kudos to you. What’s next? I mean, what do you do after that? Go to a city commission meeting?Knowing this day and age, you’ll probably go to The Today Show, the book circuit, The Daily Show, and journalism school.

    In that order. (Cynic, anyone?)


8 thoughts on “A hint to assassins

  1. Yeah, you go to a city commission meeting because we all know that most journalists don’t make good book writers.

  2. I must’ve missed the sarcasm, was there any in that post?!? I think our current political system and journalism today are leading everyone down the path of cyncism. But lets be real, you go to a city commission meeting because you need a new angle for the latest blog. Parting shot, i’m with N8, was the movie any good?

  3. Yes, the movie was good. Especially for $2.50. As far as going to the city commission meeting: someone’s got to go … when’s the last time you went to one?

    Journalists are paid to watch other people make decisions so you don’t have to.

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