Song Lyrics: Nervous

This could’ve almost been posted under a “music hardly heard.”

This band, Dryve, lasted about a blink of an eye in the 1990s. Their main album, Thrifty Mr. Kickstar, on the strength of this one song alone, has remained one of my personal faves.

Two pointless anecdotes:

1) I remember the first time I heard the album and halfway through the opening song turning to my girlfriend at the time and saying, “I’m going to love this album.”

2) I saw the band at a hole in the wall in St. Pete with the then-hot ska band Five Iron Frenzy. I dragged my friend Paul to the show. This was less than five days from a knee surgery for Paul, so I think he’d recall dodging crowd suffers and moshers more than anything else.

Anyway, I’m not exactly sure what it is about this song, but I think it has to do with the hint of organ that makes itself known at different points of the song. Or it could be the lyric:

“I know I got to step it up/ I’ve been too long running on luck/ Makes me nervous”

That still rings true to me. Sometimes I look around at my life and know that I have been blessed beyond measure and I need to start living like it.

This song is a reminder that life, even when it sucks more than any of us would like to admit, still ain’t that bad.

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For those who knew the band, or for the curious, the drummer has a good, eclectic blog at Behind the Kit.


4 thoughts on “Song Lyrics: Nervous

  1. the song sounds familiar, but can’t honestly say i remember the band. Well put verse though, we often don’t realize or recognize just how blessed we are, we only tend to notice when things ‘suck’, as you aptly put it

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  3. The song is about premarital sex and the destructive effects it has on a Christian.

    It’s about a guy who was “compulsed to be amused” by secretly indulging in sin with his girlfriend (“I was alone when I went to see you”). His heart is now feeling the conviction of his actions and he can’t think straight because his spirit is discontent and restless. That’s why his driving stinks. LA was a drag after visiting his girlfriend. And now he’s trying to drown out the voice of conscience by turning up the radio. But he can sense the Holy Spirit whispering to his soul and he can’t hide from the fact that he belongs to Jesus, the One who gave up His life to give him life (“Now with You in my heart, as a matter of fact. Your coming in the flesh and dying like that). He knows it’s been too long for him running on luck and that he’s got to stop the sin cycle. So he lifts up a silent prayer to Jesus and makes a resolution to step it up and repent.

    A good verse to sum up this song is Romans 7: 24-25: “What a wretched man I am! Who will rescue me from this body of death? Thanks be to God — through Jesus Christ our Lord!”

    The driving stinks
    I can’t seem to settle down
    LA was a drag
    LA was the last straw

    And now it’s her
    In my hair and at my heart
    And I swear, when I feel
    Compulsed to be amused
    I make mistakes
    We all do

    And it makes me nervous
    I turn up the radio
    The radio

    You said you’re gonna
    Buy me a chevrolet
    You’re gonna buy me
    All these funny little things

    I was alone when I went to see you
    I make mistakes, we all do

    Now with You in my heart
    As a matter of fact
    Your coming in the flesh
    And dying like that
    And Lord I know
    I’ve got to step it up
    It’s been too long
    Running on luck

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