The male tramp stamp?

Six random thoughts that crossed the noggin during the Rusted Root House of Blues Orlando show:

  1. The male tramp stamp?

    The male tramp stamp?

    What’s the male equivalent of a tramp stamp? It’s gotta be the arm band that sticks out just below the sleeve. If the tramp stamp signifies a little wild side underneath “normal” clothing, the arm band says the same thing.

  2. The 75 percent rule. In a band of four persons of more, there’s a 75 percent chance that the chubbiest one plays bass. I don’t know why, it’s just so. (for the record, if I was in a band, there’d be a 90 percent chance I’d play bass. Two of them.) Conversely, there’s a 32 percent chance the drummer is the skinniest member of the band.
  3. Bless the hearts of people who can dance with wild abandon (usually at the risk of life and limb of those around them). Sure they get on the nerves, but I could never so that, even if I wanted. I’m too self aware. Painfully so.
  4. We’re a sports crazy nation. Between songs, the band kept the audience up to date with the Stanley Cup game 7. The fact that sports are on their minds and of interest to the audience seems to signify its centrality in American life.
  5. We love technology (thank you Neil Postman, the patron theorist of the ramble). After hearing hockey updates, I can’t tell you how many people whipped out their smart phones and checked the web for the score. I mean, it was almost second nature. Plus, the rise of quality camera phones has changed concert-going experience, memorabilia and the concert photography business.
  6. What’s the point of an encore? Just once, I’d like to see a band play long enough and with enough passion to make an encore worthless.

While it may seem like the mind wandered, a night out watching live music is usually better than a night spent watching television.


3 thoughts on “The male tramp stamp?

  1. An adendum (sp) to the 75% Rule. That rule applies unless the bass player happens to be a chick. Then the chubby guy will most likely be the guitar player.

    Also, on the hockey update, this clearly signifies a trend that the band doesn’t take its self too seriously, but does care about the fans. The notion that a band isn’t really all about its self just boggles the mind. I know everyone (usually) gets into it for the love of the art, but at some point most bands are only in it for the money. Case in point the Eagles, it took hell freezing over and a lot of dough to get them back together.

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