Terminator: Summer of giblets continues

Saw Terminator: Salvation this week, which means I had the opportunity to be confronted with male frontal nudity again.



"I'll be nude — er, I mean back"

There were two opportunities, really. The first, from newcomer Sam Worthington (the new robot/human). However, his nether region were tastefully covered with mud, making it, like Wolverine, as “Wait-am-I-seeing-penis-again?” moment. The second is from the Governator himself (the digitally enhanced version). This time, however, tasteful wisps of smoke fog up the area. However, I did manage to get a screen capture, which I’ve included here.

You can clearly see why the Terminator is a killing machine. The man’s got no private parts. Wouldn’t you be angry?

Anyway, so here’s the deal about the movie: It’s a mish-mash of EVERY OTHER sci-fi/summer blockbuster movie. That’s why it seems so familiar. It isn’t just because this is the fourth movie from the Terminator franchise, it borrows liberally from our collective cultural memory.

Here’s the recipe:

  • Start with 2 parts Mad Max (desolate scenery, explosive car chases)
  • 1 part Transformers (with a dash of an evil Iron Giant or the big robot in The Incredibles)
  • 2 parts Matrix (messainic figures, as well as a ship that’s depressingly lit and just glides around to avoid robots in the water … plus it’s the whole man vs. machine thing)
  • Equal parts of Blade Runner and A.I. for the whole human/robot confusion
  • A hint of Star Trek (in the v-neck shirt)
  • 1 part Batman Begins (the cave scenery)
  • 1 part continuity (a picture of Linda Hamilton and the saying “I’ll be back.”)

Mix together liberally.

Then add Batman racing to save Charlie Bartlett and there’s your movie.

Simple, huh? Who wouldn’t want to see that? Again.

I may be missing some ingredients. Feel free to add them in the comments.

P.S. Some of these ideas were first discussed by and with Mindlint.


One thought on “Terminator: Summer of giblets continues

  1. I definitely see a few trends this summer. Frontal boinginess with men.
    Guys looking up into the sky and yelling, “Nooooo!”
    Humans are better than machines and better than logical thinkers because they are human and not logical. Wait. Does that sound logi.. never mind.

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