Wolverine’s giblets and other nonsense

Saw X-Men Origins: Wolverine at the early nerd special. It was pretty good, but not great, which is pretty much how I felt about the other three X-Men movies.

The big question I have is this: Do all superhero movies now have to have male frontal nudity? Sheesh. The PG-13 warning said “brief partial nudity,” but — and I’m admitting a cultural bias here — I didn’t expect male nudity.

I wonder if the water's cold.

I wonder if the water's cold.

For the big metal injection scene, Hugh Jackman is naked and when he escapes, he doesn’t bother to put clothes on (he may have been a little stressed, so I can forgive him that). You mostly just see him from behind. Then he jumps over a waterfall. Though the camera is set at an extra long shot, he’s obviously naked.

As he was free-falling, I wondered how many women would get the DVD and, during that scene, go frame-by-frame to see if they could catch a glimpse in the same manner that most of the guys I know went frame-by-frame during Sharon Stone’s Basic Instinct interrogation.

Then I remembered that women aren’t pigs like most of the guys I know.

Whoa ...

Whoa ...

For the record, I don’t think Dr. Manhattan has anything to worry about.


3 thoughts on “Wolverine’s giblets and other nonsense

  1. Brown is the new Black; 40 is the new 20,… Men are the new Women. We can now show our naughty bits on the big screen, just like women have for years.

    I’m planning to see “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” tonight. Heard a review that says it is full of action between the origins storyline. I think “Watchmen” s origins storyline to action ratio was not good. Also, animated or not I think Mr Manhattan was way too “in your face”.

    Oh, and BTW, some women are pigs. I know a few of them personally. Women, … the new men.

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