Batman, Iron Man, and Neil Postman walk into a blog …

I’ve never been one to be at the beginning of a trend. Early majority, maybe (for all you diffusion theory buffs), but never an early adopter. Which brings me to my point. I was reading this Iron Man graphic novel and as I was thinking about the Marvel character, I was reminded of DC’s Batman. Is Iron Man just a poor man’s Batman?

Both characters, it seems, don’t have any real “super” powers, but rely on technology and their own physical training and wits to defeat foes. Both men are obscenely rich, which affords them the leisure time to pursue heroics. Both men have faced adversity (Batman with the death of his parents, Iron Man with the death of the man who helped him create his super suit).

Coincidence? I didn’t know. So, of course, I googled it. And found this, which I thought was great:

I also found this debate had gone on before at IGN. I also found the two superheroes had met in fan fiction and, of course, slash fan fiction. For those who don’t know, slash is a type of fan fiction which places mostly male character in a sort of homoerotic situation and “explores” what would happen.


This, of course, got me to thinking further — we tend to look at the Internet as this wide ocean of knowledge. But, if I’ve learned anything over the past 2,000 years or so, it’s that what we mistake for knowledge is actually trivia disguised as knowledge. We don’t KNOW anything, we only know the likely place to find it, which is not having true knowledge of the thing, but a knowledge of the idea of the thing.

And for those thoughts, I can thank Neil Postman, who, if I searched right, is NOT the subject of fan fiction, slash or otherwise.


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